Sick baby, sick mumma, sick daddy

There’s something oddly special about the first time you are sick the same time as your baby and your husband. There is a kind of sweetness in the cuddles and sniffly noses we are all sharing together.

It is the first time I have felt like a real parent, you know, more than just the lady in charge of feeding and changing the baby.

There are such strong memories I hold dear to my heart of when I was little and my parents would look after me and nurse me to sleep. Brushing my hair back with their hands that smelt like them. Feeding me lemonade and butter menthols when I had a sore throat. I wish and hope that my babies have those memories of me too.

Max is still so tiny. It’s hard to believe how strong he is already and how his tiny body can fight off all the bad stuff in this big bad world. It is a constant reminder of how delicate and extraordinary life is.

I just loved this moment in time, regardless of how I felt. My two loves, sleeping by my side. My little family battling on together.


Pumpkin Soup

It’s getting cold here in Melbourne and one of my go-to winter meals is pumpkin soup. Everyone has their own recipe but this one is so yummy I just have to share it with the world. Quantities of pumpkin can change depending on how ‘pumpkinny’ you like it. It’s pretty hard to stuff this up. My only advice would be to add a little salt at a time because the stock can be enough depending on your taste.


What you will need

2 large brown onions diced

1/2 bunch celery diced

1 medium Kent pumpkin cubed

2 tablespoons minced garlic

100g butter

1 tablespoon olive oil

2 litres chicken stock

80-100ml cream to taste

Salt to taste

Ground pepper to taste

1 tablespoon sour cream or Greek yoghurt to garnish per person

Chopped parsley optional

1 large pot with lid

1 stick blender

  1. In a large pot place onions, celery, garlic, oil and 50g butter
  2. Sweat down with lid on for 5 min, stirring every minute
  3. Add pumpkin and continue to cook for another 5 min, stirring occasionally
  4. Add chicken stock to cover all veggies. You can add more or use less and this will change the thickness of the soup at the end. For a thinner soup add more liquid. I use chicken stock powder and boiling water but you could use fresh or home made stock if you prefer
  5. Place lid on and simmer on low-medium heat for 15-20 min or until the pumpkin begins to fall apart when poked with wooden spoon
  6. Turn off heat and blend with a stick blender for approx 10 min or until there is no lumps left and soup is very smooth
  7. Add remaining 50g butter, cream, salt and pepper to taste
  8. Blend for 1 min or until butter and cream are fully mixed.
  9. Serve while hot and garnish with a dollop of sour cream or Greek yoghurt, fresh ground pepper, and parsley
  10. Crusty bread and butter optional

Sleep…what’s that?

Max had a sleep over at Nanny and Poppy’s last night. Hubby and I went to bed at like 7.30pm. It was fabulous. Our first big night of sleep in 8 weeks.

“They” tell you that when you have kids sleep is never the same again. “They” were right. Don’t get me wrong, we do sleep but it’s always broken up by a screeching baby or by restlessness. Gone are the days of sleeping in or not getting up until you are starving or need to pee.  Max still wakes 1-2 times a night and is still getting used to sleeping during the day. I am finding it tricky to stick to a routine during the day with all the appointments and housework to keep on top of. It’s not easy when baby just wants to be held and comforted. I know it will happen eventually. I guess I am just trying to enjoy these moments while he is still so little.         

Welcome to the world little one.

The birth story, here goes.

I was told on the monday that they had found a mark for decreased liver function in my blood test, which along with the blood pressure issues meant that my Pre-eclampsia was now becoming an issue. After speaking with a couple of doctors it was decided that I would be induced on the Thursday if I hadn’t gone into labour myself by then. I would be 38 weeks and 2 days.

Let’s just say I didn’t go by myself…

So, at 5am hubby and I woke up, got ready, and packed the car with the bags for the hospital.

This is my ‘Oh my God we are having a baby today’ face


Looking back at these pictures is making me all nostalgic. I kind of miss my belly… Anyway on to the rest of the story…

We arrived at the hospital and went to check in, waited about 10 min until someone spoke to us, and with grins on our faces we  said ‘We are here to have a baby’, and they said ‘you’re in the wrong place, go next door’…So off i waddled and we then waited for about 40 min in the waiting room next door. It was a strange feeling knowing that in an hour or so you will be in labour. The certainty and finality of pregnancy was summed up as I waited for them to come and collect me.

 I was then ushered into a birthing room and proceeded to put on my gown and check out the facilities (the bathroom). Then a midwife came in and asked us to go and wait in a small room because they had a lady who had just arrived and was about to have her baby in the hallway. Fair enough.

We waited there for about 5 mins until the midwife returned and informed us that they had just delivered a baby, in the room with all our stuff in it. We laughed, but knew that the chances of our baby coming that quickly was pretty slim. She checked us into another room and promised we would’t be moved again. She also strapped me up to monitoring so they could check contractions and make sure baby was doing ok.

I waited for a doctor to come and break my waters, and meanwhile a nurse put in my first IV. Hubby had started paying some music which was helping with the mood. Generally everyone was happy and joking. In my mind it was all going to plan.

Some of the music I listened to;

-Sigur Ros

-Damien Rice


-‘I am Sam’ soundtrack (The Beatles)

-Edith Piaf

The doctor came, and spent a while trying to break my waters, but finally they broke, and she informed me that I was already 5cm dilated. Which I am told is pretty awesome considering it was my first pregnancy. They then started the drip to make the contractions come stronger and faster. This didn’t take very long to have an affect.

After an hour or so, I was having contractions and my midwife was feeling my belly to see how long they were lasting…

My mum and sister had come to see me at this point and were talking to me and seeing me breath through each contraction and were not concerned that they would miss anything so they went down to get some lunch. This was about 12pm and I wasn’t yet considered in active labour.

As you can see by my face, the pain was totally manageable.


The main doctor (the one that broke my waters) wanted a second IV put in my left arm so 3 different people tried to get one in with no luck. This all took a lot of time and meanwhile my contractions were getting very strong. I asked if I could have some help with the pain so my midwife got me started on the gas. This helped me a lot with staying calm and controlling my breathing and I honestly don’t know if I could have done it the rest of the way without it. The anaesthesiologist came in to have a crack at putting the IV in again and by this point I was in active labour, my contractions were super close together and were only getting stronger.

Im not sure exactly how long my mum and sister were gone for, maybe 40 min, but in that time I had started to really focus on the pain which meant I closed my eyes and used the gas to control my breathing. Stuart had asked them to come back in the room because I seemed like I was in a lot of pain. I think he needed the support just as much as I did. The next 2 and a half  hours were a blur honestly. I was having extremely intense contractions very close together, with barely 5-6 seconds break in between.

The midwife suggested I go to the toilet, so with a lot of help I tried to walk to the toilet. This was by far the worst point in my labour because I was on the toilet and got the urge to push. Let me tell you, for those of you who haven’t had a baby, the urge to push is completely involuntary and extremely strong. Honestly i’m lucky I even made it back to the bed because the gravity of me getting off the bed and walking around was enough to get baby out!

The point in labour when they finally say you can push is such a relief. The contractions in my experience were far more painful than pushing. I could feel that he was there and that he was coming out and I had no doubt that I could do it.

So I started pushing and 5 pushes later he was out.

I think in total my active labour was about 2 hours and 45 min and about 10 min of pushing (if that).

Maxwell James Hugo Bush

Born at 3.20 pm

19 – 03 – 15

9 pounds 1 ounce or 4.1kg

50cm long

and perfect.


What happened for the next couple of hours was not so fun. In fact I would say it was almost worse than anything I felt in labour. After I birthed the placenta which took around 40 min the doctor began to stitch me up. Unfortunately because Max came so quickly I tore internally and externally. The doctor applied local anaesthetic but because the muscles were what tore there was no real relief from the pain. After over an hour of this he said he had to get a more senior doctor to finish off. After waiting some time for the senior doctor to arrive she was not happy with the stitching and took it all out and started again. As you can imagine its now been a couple of hours since the birth and my bits are all swollen and sore. I then had to sit through another hour long session of stitches. It was horrible. It brought me to tears, which the labour had not done. I am sitting here 2 months postpartum and I am lucky that it was done properly, but still…it sucked.

After they cleaned me up, my in-laws came and my older sister and they weighed baby in front of everyone. It was really nice. This baby is already so loved by everyone. I am so lucky to have such an amazing support system around me. My mum and sister were amazing throughout the labour, helping me with water and encouragement. My husband was the best father from the moment Max was conceived. He really is a blessing. I love our little family and can not wait to see Max grow and change.

I took this photo at around 1am, once everyone had left. It was just Max and I sitting there together on his first night in the world. Man, I am the luckiest girl in the world.


Oh, hi stretch marks


Well hello stretch marks, so nice of you to join us.

Yes, unfortunately my belly couldn’t handle it any more. Baby had a growth spurt and I have the proof!

I actually don’t really care about stuff like that. I got heaps of stretch marks when I was going through puberty so it’s no biggy. At least it meant that D-day was edging closer and closer. Doc’s were monitoring my blood pressure pretty closely and testing my urine for proteins every week. One week they found the protein they were looking for so I had to do a 24 hour urine test. It was horrible. For 24 hours I had to collect all my wee and store it in a 4 litre plastic jug. Oh my God it was awful. I had to squat over an ice-cream container in the shower to catch the wee. I’m telling you ladies, not fun when you are heavily pregnant. Thankfully results were fine.

Hubby and I had our anniversary, 5 years of being together! To celebrate we went and stayed in the same hotel we stayed at on our wedding night and went out for some BBQ’d meat at Fancy Hanks. I love American style BBQ… it is so good. My favourite has to be the beef ribs. Just to die for. And the Mac’n’cheese. Yikes, I really like food you guys.

It was nice to take a break, even though I was really struggling to walk all around the city with baby pushing on my hoo-haa.

20141218_122146My friends had a belated Christmas celebration which was really fun. We had a meal together and then played some games and had a few drinks (I stuck to mineral water of course). One thing that I find fascinating is how some people change so dramatically when they drink. One of my friends fiancé got drunk and when he didn’t get his way in a game he swiped everyones drinks off of the table and refused to help clean it up. He went on to call my friend horrible names when she told him he was being rude. Honestly it just makes me feel so lucky to have a husband that loves and respects me and would never speak to me like that. I am also lucky that I grew up in a family where alcohol did not have a place at our dinner table and I will be sure to continue that with my little family.

Anyway, the hosts set up a photo booth in their spare room with a polaroid camera and so, our first family photo was taken!


You + me + bump

Every week my bump grew bigger and bigger and I was starting to feel a bit blah…

One of the things that always makes me feel better without a doubt is new linen. I found this cute set at Target on sale for around $70 (King size) and the cushions were around $15-$20 each. I just love this sheet set, it is so comfortable and super trendy.

Does anyone else have the problem of the doona slipping down in the cover and when you go to bed it feels like you only have a sheet to keep you warm? Thank God for my 6 ft 4 giant husband who can pick up the king size doona and shuffle it back down to where it needs to be. Surely someone can invent a cover/doona that connect to each other so this wouldn’t be a problem anymore!


A lot of mornings I just laid there, swollen feet, bulging belly, piles and piles of laundry to do. I just felt baby move and wriggle and it honestly makes it all worth it. All the heartburn, achey hips, swollen limbs, its all worth it to have my baby with me.


All the time I had on my hands I would mainly spend shopping online (or window shopping online) and comparing prices of prams and various baby related things. But honestly it’s hard to know what is good without going instore and trying it out for yourself.

After a lot of research I bought baby a swing from Target for $120. I’ve heard they can be a life saver! It has a vibrating function and it also plays music. I found it hard to find one that did both swing and vibration functions that was in my price range. I can’t believe that some places charge upwards of $250 for one of these types of swings. Baby bunting had one for about $200 but that was really a lot more that I wanted to spend.

Turns out, baby loves it! But ill talk more about that later.


Baby Boy’s Nursery

I had been waiting so long for hubby to give me the nod to finally start picking colours and shopping for baby’s room. He is the type that likes to wait til the right time to do things, and I am impatient and pretty much wanted to do the room the moment I found out I was pregnant. After both picking two colours we liked and painting a swatch of each, we settled on ‘Dusty sky’ which is a delightful blue (my choice of course). We had help from Stu’s parents to paint the room and I was amazed at the difference a change of colour can have on a room.

Below is a picture of my in-laws helping Stu with the painting. Stu is concentrating very hard…you can tell by his signature tongue movements.


All finished painting, ready for furniture…


I hand made the bunting, dresser and rug are from Ikea, chair and stool from Baby Bunting, side table from Adairs, curtains from Spotlight, fan and curtain rod from Bunnings…


Cot and change table second hand from Ebay, handmade teething bumper to match bunting…IMG_4096

Love sign from Kmart.


Bathroom renovation complete!

Our bathroom renovation took ages! But it is finally finished and I love it so much. I loved the day I got to finally move in to it. Arranging my makeup and beauty things was like heaven after having to share a tiny ensuite with hubby for the last few months. I am so proud of all the work that hubby did with the help of his dad.

IMG_3402I look forward to the day I can bath my kiddies in the bath and have romantic long hot showers with hubby. I am one lucky girl.


All that’s left to do it go shopping for some snazzy towels and toilet paper holders and all that fun stuff!

I’m back…and I am a mum

I know what you are thinking. She hasn’t posted in 15 weeks!!!…yea sorry about that.

All I have to say is, man the third trimester is rough. I really lost all motivation to blog and it hasn’t really returned to me until now. I will probably find it difficult to start where I left off from but I will try my best to fill you in. I am thinking I will do a post a day until I bring you up to speed on what’s been going on.

For those of you who would like to know now, I had my baby, a beautiful, perfect, smooshy baby boy. We named him Max. Plenty of pictures to come but I will leave you with this one because its pretty darn cute.