Feeling motivated

I am definitely one of those people who find it difficult to get motivated. I easily find myself in a rut and struggle to dig myself out. I think it probably has to do with anxiety or maybe just my personality.

I go through phases of wanting change. Whether it is moving the furniture around or getting super organised, there’s always something to work on or change within myself.

I get all the usual urges… Lose weight, be healthier, watch less TV, disconnect from technology, read more, move more, be organised, be happier…

It’s like I’m always on a mission to upgrade my life. Like I’m never truly happy with myself. 

It seems strange thinking about how this sudden burst of motivation came upon me. I was sitting on the couch and hubby was asking if I could come and help him clean Max’s bottles. I hesitated at first but then joined him in the kitchen where the benches were stacked with dishes and dirty pots from 2 days ago. I guess I had planned on cleaning them “in the morning” but the morning turned into the night and then into the next day. This was beginning to become a familiar story. Anyway. I started cleaning the bottles and just couldn’t stop myself and before I knew it I had cleaned the entire kitchen. 

I know what you are thinking… If I were a normal functioning adult then this would not be a big deal? And you’re right. But there is something inside me that makes it hard to function sometimes, even on a basic level. I think having a baby to look after is only bringing out those traits in me more. 

After I finished I looked at my kitchen and a overwhelming sense of relief passed through me. It must be true that a clean and tidy home makes you feel better in yourself. I can’t deny it now, the feeling is setting in. The motivation is swelling inside me. 

Maybe I should vacuum the rug? And after that I can sort the huge pile of papers I’ve been meaning to do, and then there’s the thank you notes for all of Max’s presents….

Oh no, what have I awoken.

…meal planning, budgeting, spring cleaning, hanging pictures, changing sheets….

Yep, better get your pens and highlighters ready.

…mending, folding clothes, scrubbing skirting boards, working on my blog, starting an online business…

I’m not kidding.

…maybe I should start yoga again?

I think I need a life coach. Or a glass of wine. 


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