I just love him so much. It’s not often I let him sleep on me but I couldn’t help myself today. I managed to catch the end of a smiley dream. These are such precious moments. 

Max is a hungry baby. He is drinking 180ml every 4-5 hours and seems to still be hungry at the end of the feed. Not sure whether to feed him more. He is only 2 months old and I’m scared of over feeding him. 

He seems to be growing really fast these last couple of weeks. He was in 0000 up until recently but it seems like he is already growing out of some of his 000 clothes. He will be in 00 before we know it.

He loves getting his nappy changed. It’s pretty much the happiest he gets. We love singing and chatting to him and we always get the cutest smiles. 

He likes baths but doesn’t really like getting out and being dried. I haven’t mustered the courage to shower with him yet. I’m scared he will hate it and and then we will be stuck nude and wet and upset. I might try when stu is home so I can hand ball the wet crying baby to him. 

He is starting to make talking like noises which are super cute. I can’t wait til he can talk to me and tell me all about his little universe. I think he will be very talkative when he wants to be and very quiet when he doesn’t. He seems like he will know what he wants and will not be afraid to let us know. 

I have this dream of when he is a teenager that he will be tall like his dad. I can imagine when he hugs me I’ll get lost in his chest. I always pictured myself with sons. I want to raise him to be a hard worker, a gentlemen who is kind and honest. I want him to treat women like queens and to always open a door for a stranger. 

He is so handsome already and we have to pinch ourselves every day. We are so lucky.


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