Trip to the park


This was little Maxi’s very first trip to the park near our house, it was such a beautiful day as the leaves were turning and starting to fall. I love the colours of autumn, although they remind me of how temporary and fragile life is. The budding leaf is nourished and grows only to eventually shrink, fall and crumble. 

It makes me so excited to know that he will grow and change but sad as well. The inevitability of time passing is kind of scary. I can only hope I will be around to see it. I want to see the cycle of life, like the trees each year. I really hope I am lucky enough to grow old with my husband, and live to see my grandchildren and even great grandchildren. 

It also makes me sad to know my parents won’t be around forever. And that there will be a day where I will have to explain death to Max. I hope that day doesn’t come too soon. 


This photo cracks me up. He looks like a grumpy old man. 

Anyway, I can hear him in the other room calling for me… Better see if he’s ok. 


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