You + me + bump

Every week my bump grew bigger and bigger and I was starting to feel a bit blah…

One of the things that always makes me feel better without a doubt is new linen. I found this cute set at Target on sale for around $70 (King size) and the cushions were around $15-$20 each. I just love this sheet set, it is so comfortable and super trendy.

Does anyone else have the problem of the doona slipping down in the cover and when you go to bed it feels like you only have a sheet to keep you warm? Thank God for my 6 ft 4 giant husband who can pick up the king size doona and shuffle it back down to where it needs to be. Surely someone can invent a cover/doona that connect to each other so this wouldn’t be a problem anymore!


A lot of mornings I just laid there, swollen feet, bulging belly, piles and piles of laundry to do. I just felt baby move and wriggle and it honestly makes it all worth it. All the heartburn, achey hips, swollen limbs, its all worth it to have my baby with me.


All the time I had on my hands I would mainly spend shopping online (or window shopping online) and comparing prices of prams and various baby related things. But honestly it’s hard to know what is good without going instore and trying it out for yourself.

After a lot of research I bought baby a swing from Target for $120. I’ve heard they can be a life saver! It has a vibrating function and it also plays music. I found it hard to find one that did both swing and vibration functions that was in my price range. I can’t believe that some places charge upwards of $250 for one of these types of swings. Baby bunting had one for about $200 but that was really a lot more that I wanted to spend.

Turns out, baby loves it! But ill talk more about that later.


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