Oh, hi stretch marks


Well hello stretch marks, so nice of you to join us.

Yes, unfortunately my belly couldn’t handle it any more. Baby had a growth spurt and I have the proof!

I actually don’t really care about stuff like that. I got heaps of stretch marks when I was going through puberty so it’s no biggy. At least it meant that D-day was edging closer and closer. Doc’s were monitoring my blood pressure pretty closely and testing my urine for proteins every week. One week they found the protein they were looking for so I had to do a 24 hour urine test. It was horrible. For 24 hours I had to collect all my wee and store it in a 4 litre plastic jug. Oh my God it was awful. I had to squat over an ice-cream container in the shower to catch the wee. I’m telling you ladies, not fun when you are heavily pregnant. Thankfully results were fine.

Hubby and I had our anniversary, 5 years of being together! To celebrate we went and stayed in the same hotel we stayed at on our wedding night and went out for some BBQ’d meat at Fancy Hanks. I love American style BBQ… it is so good. My favourite has to be the beef ribs. Just to die for. And the Mac’n’cheese. Yikes, I really like food you guys.

It was nice to take a break, even though I was really struggling to walk all around the city with baby pushing on my hoo-haa.

20141218_122146My friends had a belated Christmas celebration which was really fun. We had a meal together and then played some games and had a few drinks (I stuck to mineral water of course). One thing that I find fascinating is how some people change so dramatically when they drink. One of my friends fiancé got drunk and when he didn’t get his way in a game he swiped everyones drinks off of the table and refused to help clean it up. He went on to call my friend horrible names when she told him he was being rude. Honestly it just makes me feel so lucky to have a husband that loves and respects me and would never speak to me like that. I am also lucky that I grew up in a family where alcohol did not have a place at our dinner table and I will be sure to continue that with my little family.

Anyway, the hosts set up a photo booth in their spare room with a polaroid camera and so, our first family photo was taken!


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