Hospital trips and tests

It has been such a busy couple of weeks, filled with many trips to the hospital and lots of tests.

I guess I will start from where I left off…

I went for a growth scan at 29 weeks to check how bub was progressing. They found that he was around 2 weeks ahead in growth weighing in at approx 1.7kg. The sonographer spoke to me about the possibility of being induced early, around 37 weeks so that baby doesn’t get too big or go overdue. Honestly I wasn’t too surprised that he was big as I was 10 pounds 10 ounces at birth and hubby was around 9 pounds. She continued on with the scan, measuring various things and got to measuring the cervix and found that it was measuring quite short, around 1.7cm instead of the minimum 3cm they would expect. She told me that she would need to do an internal ultrasound to make sure so she left the room while i took my pants off and told my mum and sister to wait in the waiting room. After a slightly uncomfortable and tense couple of minutes she told me that my cervix was in fact quite a bit shorter than she had first thought and after measuring it a few times she told me it was around 6mm. I didn’t really have any idea what this meant and asked her to explain. She said that it would most likely mean that the baby would come early, or that I might even go in to preterm labor. She left the stick thing inside me and went to talk to the doctor. Safe to say at this point I was panicking. A few minutes later she came back into the room and said that the doctor might need to see me and that I should go and wait with my family.

I went out to my mum and sister and didn’t really know what to say. Apparently I had broken out in a nervous rash all over my chest. So attractive.

She came out again and told me that I was ok to go home, seeing as I was coming in 4 days later for an OB appointment anyway and that they would talk me through everything then. Man, I was thinking, 4 days!! That’s ages!! It didn’t help that my mum and sister went on for the next hour about how I might not even make it to my baby shower and we better go home and pack a hospital bag just in case. Talk about freaking me out. They are experts at this.

The weekend came and went, hubby and I went to a wedding and I spent the rest of the time off my feet just in case. Tuesday came and I went to the hospital for my 30 week appointment with hubby. We waited about an hour to be seen and then found out that I had protein in my urine which means that technically I have Preeclampsia even though I didn’t have high blood pressure. She ordered more blood and urine tests and referred me to the Foetal Monitoring unit for assessment. She also had spoken to the head doctor about my case and together they decided not to do anything about the shortened cervix, which was a relief. Although she did refer me to get steroid injections which help the babies lungs develop sooner just in case he was born preterm. They said that because I haven’t miscarried or had any surgery before that I should just go along as if nothing was wrong, but obviously don’t do anything stupid that might bring on labour early.

THEN, I went to get my blood test done. Simple you would think. But no.

A student was taking my blood and she pricked her finger with the needle and then continued to take my blood with the same needle. Her supervisor didn’t notice until it was too late and then took over. I had no idea at this point what had happened. The supervisor waited for the student to leave the room and then went on to tell me that I would need to wait for Infectious disease control to come and fill out paper work and test us both to see if she had infected me with anything. Joy.

By the time I had waited for all this to be done with we had been at the hospital for about 3 hours. I still hand’t gone to get the foetal monitoring done, so we went upstairs to the Pregnancy Assessment Unit and had a monitor strapped to my belly to watch for bubs movements and to monitor his heart rate over a 30 min period. He passed that test with flying colours and we were then sent to have a steroid injection. Except for they couldn’t find my file anywhere so we waited 30 min for them to run around the whole hospital before they found it.

We were soooo over it all by the end of all this we had been at the hospital for about 4 hours and couldn’t wait to get out of there.

The next day I went in for another steroid injection which was quick and easy.

The rest of the week went by pretty quickly really and then Monday came. I hadn’t felt much movement from bub so we decided to call the hospital for advice. They asked me to come in for monitoring. After 30 min on the machine we were relieved that he was doing just fine and I was starting to feel him move more. They then sent me for an ultrasound to measure the fluid around the baby check that the blood flow to the placenta is normal. All looked normal so we were free to go home.

Tuesday came around again and I went for my 31 Week appointment with mum. We got the results from my blood and urine tests the week before, and they were all clear! No protein in my urine this time…She went on to check my blood pressure and it was perfect. So even though I do not have the symptoms of Preeclampsia she wants to continue the weekly checks to be sure, which I am fine with. Better to be safe than sorry I guess. I had another round of blood and urine tests and then off home!

I feel like I have spent so much time at the hospital, although I am sure there are plenty of mummas out there who have spent more time than me.

I have another growth scan booked for next Tuesday, I’ll be 32 weeks! Oh how quickly time goes. It’s crazy to think that in a month or so baby might be here. Yikes we better get a move on with his room…..anyway I’ll talk about all that fun stuff in another post!


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