29 Weeks pregnant

Wow, it’s been a month since my last post! I have to admit, December flew by so fast I barely even had a chance to stop and think about writing a post until now.

So what’s new you ask?

Well I had my second glucose tolerance test which I passed with flying colours, thank God.

I had another appointment at the hospital with an OB. She went over a couple of things…We heard bubs heart which was delightful, blood pressure was normal but higher than last time so she sent me off to get a baseline blood test for pre-eclampsia…I got an Anti-D injection…and I booked in for another scan this Friday to measure bubs growth.

I found out one of my close friends is also pregnant which is super exciting. It is nice to know our babies will be close in age and can play together. It is interesting to see the difference in care from private to public in Australia. She is going private and has to pay her OB a few thousand dollars, and thats before all the hospital costs and scans. The only things we pay for are scans which is fine, and everything else is covered by Medicare (government). I guess the downside is having to wait in long queues with the rest of the public but considering we don’t have to pay I would say it’s not so bad.

In terms of symptoms this past month, I would have to say heartburn/indigestion is still the worst but my sleep is also becoming an issue. I just can’t seem to get comfortable no matter which pillows I use or don’t use. It’s becoming really annoying and I am finding myself tossing and turning all night. I bought myself a nursing chair which is so comfortable so if I remember I might bring myself out to the lounge room and try and sleep in that tonight. My problem is I like being close to hubby at night and I think it would be weird sleeping in the lounge room by myself. I would probably wake up with every little noise.

The only other thing that bothers me is pain in my groin/pelvis. Lifting my legs is a chore and walking around is becoming uncomfortable. Sitting is ok but I find sitting on the couch for too long is a bit like trying to get comfortable in bed, I just get super restless and end up sitting on the floor (and not being able to get up) or moving to the nursing chair.

Babies movements have been a highlight for the past month or two. I am feeling him everyday and hubby feels him too. It’s nice when we just get into bed because hubby will put his head on my belly and feel the kicks on his cheek. It is really special to know that hubby feels comfortable bonding with my belly and talking to it. I think I have mentioned before that hubby enjoys reading stories to him and playing music for him. As far as we can tell “Aloe Blacc – I Need A Dollar” is either bubs favourite song or he hates it. Either way its the one song he always wriggles around to.

I can’t believe I am nearly 30 weeks pregnant. The second trimester has just flown by so quickly and I feel I have barely had a chance to stop and think about it all.

I have heard that the third trimester is more difficult, and I am starting to realise why. I am finding moving around much more difficult and I get tired easily. Luckily I am not working so I can take it easy if I am not feeling well.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New years, ours was packed full of family, food and presents and I would’t of had it any other way. I can not wait for next year, we will have a little munchkin to spoil and dress it cute santa/elf outfits.

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