24 Weeks Pregnant


So this is my first belly shot. It took a bit of courage to muster before I convinced myself to post it, but here you go. 24 weeks pregnant with my first baby boy. I can barely believe it.

I have one wriggly baby boy on my hands!

He makes me laugh because his kicks are so low down that it feels as though he is doing a choreographed Irish dance routine. It is definitely nice to know he is growing and active, also the movements make it so much easier for me to connect with him when I am feeling a bit low. He really does know how to cheer me up.

After a long chat with my mum about my baby bump I feel slightly better knowing that no matter what shape my belly is at least he is healthy and so am I.

It is the Christmas season! Is your tree up? No? Well go and do it…now!


I am so excited for the Christmas break for a few reasons this year. First of all we have the best present of all and my family are so so excited to meet him. Second, my hubby and I will have time off together for the first time in our relationship. I can’t even explain the difference in our relationship already. Stopping work has made me a happier, more relaxed person and it is making us a stronger couple. Thankfully money isn’t an issue yet as I am being paid annual leave until the start of January which will make the stress of present buying and mini date nights a lot easier to handle.

I have a recipe coming for ‘Mini Christmas pudding balls’ so watch out for that one a bit closer to Christmas. I did a test batch last night and they were a smash hit with the ladies at hubbys work. I will be adding a bit of rum to the recipe for the final batch so i won’t be able to have any. Maybe one. But no more. I swear.

Speaking of alcohol, I have to say it’s the only thing I really miss. I was by no means a drinker before I got pregnant but I hate that I can’t have an icy cider with dinner. But what I am REALLY going to miss this Christmas is my Dad’s fresh eggnog which has fresh raw eggs and brandy. NOOOOO! But seriously guys, its delicious and a big tradition we have every Christmas eve.

What is something you really missed when you or your partner was pregnant? I would love to know.

Hubby still hasn’t felt any big kicks from the outside yet. But I am sure it is not too far off. I feel them every now and then but I wouldn’t say it’s every day. I think it has to do with baby’s position. I think he is feet down so that would explain why we haven’t seen any big movements yet.

On the upside we have been bonding together with my belly. Hubby reads baby a bed time story most nights and I just had to capture this moment and share it with you all.


I can not believe he is around 30cm long. This last 2 months has truly flown past so quickly. Soon we will be entering the dreaded 3rd trimester. Yikes.

24 weeks down, 16 to go!

7 thoughts on “24 Weeks Pregnant

  1. That’s a great bump! I have never had a perfectly shaped bump like you see in magazines, and I don’t know anyone else who has either. Not sure if that helps, but your baby belly looks healthy and great!!

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