22 Weeks Pregnant

I got some baby bump blues.

My belly just isn’t looking like the perfect round bump that you would expect around this time of pregnancy. I am feeling like I am a big blob and that everyone around me thinks so too. I can see the difference and when I am alone and baby is kicking I feel really positive but when I am out and about and I catch my reflection I just think I look fat.

It’s getting me down.

I am looking forward to baby having a growth spurt so my belly will be more appealing. God, I can’t believe I am even thinking such things.

The pregnancy isn’t about me and my body, it is about the little munchkin I am growing. Why can’t I remind myself of that more?

I know he is super healthy and I am feeling pretty good besides the occasional aches and pains. I should be more grateful.

Gosh what a positive post.

I had a bit of an emotional week as you can probably tell. I finished work, which was kind of an anti-climax. I work inside a shopping centre and I was on the closing shift. I finished up, walked out the door, and no-one really said anything to me. No grand goodbye, no farewell party…nothing at all. I came home and felt a bit weird.

The next day I sat on the toilet and cried, like ugly cried. So many things going through my mind, so many hormones…

On a lighter note…

I am feeling baby a lot more in the evening or when I sit still. It’s nice to feel him in there. Hubby is still waiting to feel him kick, which will be nice when he finally does.

TMI alert: My boobies are getting even bigger and my nipple area is getting a lot darker. Which is kind of scary haha. My mum said it would happen but I didn’t believe her. Of course mother knows best.

Hubby and I bought a cot and change table on ebay, and picked that up over the weekend. We were pretty happy with the overall condition and we might just give it a fresh coat of paint before bub arrives.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 2.14.12 pm

I think thats it for now 🙂


5 thoughts on “22 Weeks Pregnant

  1. I remember those days, lived both personally and through my daughter’s pregnancies. But don’t you fret, little momma… the “fatty” feelings are just the hormones talking, and only stuff and nonsense to the rest of us on the outside of your body watching the miracle take place. I never felt like a “glowing” momma when expecting – I felt like a bag of potatoes. But now, I go back and look at pictures, and actually – it wasn’t nearly as bad as my imagination had me thinking. So take courage! You are lovely, things will get better, and thank God you are in a position to leave work and enjoy these last “nesting” months free of the stress of a work schedule! I know many mommas who would love to be in that position… Have a nice cocoa and dream of baby names, sweet! xx Mother Hen

    1. Thankyou Mother Hen! I know I am so lucky that I have worked up enough annual leave to be able to have the month of december off. I can’t imagine working through another Christmas rush in 42 deg heat. It’s just disgusting.
      It’s nice to know that i am not alone. Those hormones are pretty rough hey!?

  2. I totally know how you feel. I’m only 16 weeks so I haven’t really a bump to speak of given that I’m a ‘curvy girl’ to start with. It’s annoying because I can feel that if I were skinny I would have a bump! Boo. I feel guilty being vain but I just want my bump to be big and round and lovely haha

    1. Thank you for your lovely comments. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one! Being a bit bigger and being pregnant brings a lot of difficulties but it’s also a blessing. We are having babies! Can you believe it?

      1. Its so exciting :):) i love finding people at a similar age in the same boat! Where i am most pregnant people ive met are a few years older or younger than me. Cant wait to read about the rest of your journey! 🙂

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