It’s a….

Woohoo, it’s finally time to reveal whether our little jelly bean has a sausage or a taco down stairs.

(Gosh thats a lot of food references, someone hand me the Doritos)

Anyway, we had our 20 weeks scan and baby has all the bits and bobs it needs to be a real human! It seems I was actually able to successfully grow something. Who knew?

Hubby and I were so thrilled to see how much they had grown since our 12 week scan. We saw its bones, it brain, its hands and feet, its ears and nose…and finally…


Yes, we are having a boy!

We are super excited. Hubby was surprised because he was convinced that our baby was going to be a girl but now the idea of a boy has settled in he is excited to play boy toys with him and do all those father son things that make having a boy totally awesome.

I feel great about finally being able to relax. I can look at stuff to buy without having any anxiety and I feel like I can enjoy the Christmas season knowing that everything will take care of itself now.

Here is my favourite picture from the ultrasound.



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