18 Weeks Pregnant

18 weeks pregnant and feeling pretty good.

I have to say that now that I am well and truly into the second trimester I can notice a difference in my mood and the way I am feeling about this pregnancy. There were moments around week 10-11 that I really struggled and found it hard to see things moving along. Once I stopped feeling ill the weeks started to fly by, and honestly I can’t believe it’s been 3 weeks since I did an update.

There has been a lot going on really, the bathroom renovation is still happening. It does feel like it’s dragging on a bit but I know that it will all be worth it when I can jump into a warm bath and relax…finally.

We had a few dramas with our shower, but that was really only due to the fact that we are doing all the building and construction ourselves so we did not have any advice of a professional until very late, well actually too late. Long story short we have to get a different shower screen which will be double the price after everything is finished. But it will look amazing.

In terms of baby and symptoms, the biggest thing has been pain in my hips/pelvis which I can tell is all the muscles and ligaments stretching (but knowing what it is doesn’t make it feel any less painful). A few times a have gone to move in the middle of sleeping and pulled a muscle in my tummy. Very painful but it doesn’t last very long, thank god. Mainly I feel it when I have been sitting and go to stand up, its like I have to waddle around for a moment before it feels normal again.

I definitely have ‘baby brain’. I have been forgetting things all the time and the worst part is when I forget what I am talking about mid-sentence. Very embarrassing but customers think I’m mentally unstable.

I would say the heartburn is lessening. For now. I’m sure it will be back later.

This week I have had a head cold which I caught off my beautiful husband. I am a snotty mess and can’t wait to feel normal-ish again. It is annoying not being able to take cold and flu tablets or cough medicine. But I guess in the long run pregnancy is only temporary. I only hope I won’t get sick again over summer.

Not really looking forward to being 8-9 months pregnant in 40+ degree heat. But oh well. That’s what God has given me to deal with. I am sure it will involve setting up an inflatable pool of some sort in our front yard. Thank God we have high fences.

I almost forgot to talk baby movements!…I told you I had baby brain.

Mainly its flutters, which I describe as rolling sensation. This happens when I am laying down in the morning or at night and change from one position to another. Usually changing from my back to my side triggers something from baby. More recently if I put my hand in the hardest part of my belly and really concentrate I can feel slight movements from the outside but nothing from the inside really. I am not sure if this is me going crazy or what. I can’t wait for babies movements to become clearer in the next few weeks.

AH I am so excited for the scan at 20 weeks.

ALSO excited for CHRISTMAS!!

55 days til Santa comes.

2 thoughts on “18 Weeks Pregnant

  1. Oh bless you, the thought of having a cold as well right now is awful! My partner told me yesterday how there were “far too many sniffly people” on the train he was in, it made him so paranoid. I guess it’s a matter of time.

    Lovely to hear about your flutters. In no time you’ll be feeling full on jabs and kicks and seeing an errant elbow move it’s way along your belly! 🙂 Oh and baby brain – heck yes, a thousand times!

    1. I thought the cold was bad when I was at home! Oh boy working at a coffee shop serving customers is awful. Im lucky I drive to work. I would hate commuting.
      Can not wait for kicks!!! So exciting 🙂

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