15 Weeks Pregnant

15 Weeks of pregnancy have brought some interesting symptoms.

I now, for the first time ever (I think) have developed restless legs. At least I think that’s what it is.

I will laying in bed trying to sleep, or sitting on the couch, or sitting at the computer (e.g. right now) and I will get the urge to move my toes around and move my legs. It is so super annoying. It is kind of like when you have an itch you need to scratch but no matter how much you scratch it the urge remains.

Another delightful symptom has been acne. I have mainly been breaking out around my chin area which I have been told is normal due to hormones. I am not too worried about the acne, but it does make me feel less attractive.

TMI alert:

My nipples are so super sensitive and seem to be getting bigger and darker.

My mum warned me of this but I was sceptical until now.

Now for an exciting change!

First thing in the morning when my stomach is empty and my bladder is full I can feel my uterus bulging from my tummy. It is something that makes me feel like it’s all moving along. I feel like now I will be able to track how baby is growing myself. I even showed hubby this morning and he was like “Oh wow!!” which I think is a good reaction.

The downside of my growing belly is the fact that I had to work with the buttons undone on my pants. Luckily the zip stayed in place.

Overall I am feeling less comfortable in my normal clothes and starting to feel like a blob. But I think that will change as my belly starts to look less like I ate too many pancakes and more like I’ve got a baby in there.

In terms of cravings I can’t say that there is anything that sticks out.

Really the only think I really miss is having a cold cider with dinner. Which is strange because I am not really a drinker, but for some reason seeing hubby gulp one down makes me so so jealous. On the upside a work friend suggested buying sparkling apple cider and having that instead which I am definitely trying soon.

I can’t remember if I already mentioned this but I still have heartburn and indigestion, but this week didn’t seem as bad as the last couple.

Bathroom renovation update:

It’s taking a bit longer than expected but it is definitely coming along nicely. I am pretty much having daydreams daily about getting into my new bath and relaxing without the sound of drop saws and drills. The tiler should start the waterproofing within the next day or two which is super exciting. It’s starting to look more like a bathroom rather than an empty shell.


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