Our first scan!

It feels like it has been a long time coming.

Due to the fact that we decided not to test for Down Syndrome, we did not get a blood test and scan done at 10 weeks.

This has complicated things slightly because most doctors assume that you will have the test.

I think the majority of people believe that the Down Syndrome testing is compulsory, but it’s not. My husband and I do not believe in abortion so we thought there was not point in stressing ourselves over something we can not change. If our baby is born with Down Syndrome, then so be it. We will love it no differently to a baby who is born healthy.

We were 13 weeks (or so we thought) when we went in for our scan. Our appointment was for 8:30am so we were up bright and early and only the second people to arrive at the clinic. As soon as we walked up those steps I knew my experience was going to be vastly different to that of my midwife appointment.

In Australia, you have the choice to go through the public system (free) or through the private system (not free). Although your public hospital care is free, the scans and blood tests are not. You have the choice of where you get your scans done, and I chose a private womens clinic because they specialise in women and pregnancy but downside is it costs $250.

I would say that paying the money is worth it. The clinic was spotless, new, the receptionist was lovely and talkative, the waiting room was calm. All good. We filled out necessary paperwork and decided to sign the form for a dvd copy of ultrasound. Which I was super excited for.

They called my name, and in we went.

It’s such a strange feeling when you realise that there is actually something growing inside you. Up until now, I was going through some pretty rough symptoms and it felt like it was for nothing. Until now.

The technician put the gel on, and pretty much found our baby straight away. BOOM. Life changed.

I didn’t need her to say anything because I knew straight away where the heart was and it was beating away just like it should be.

There they were, wriggling about. Our baby. A person. INSIDE ME. What the?

Hubby was excited, shocked, amazed…and kept standing up and walking closer to the screen.

It was all really positive.

I asked how big the baby was and she said 11 weeks 2 days. I was a little disappointed only because I thought I was 13 weeks 1 day. But that is probably just due to my cycle being a little longer than normal.

She proceeded to count the arms and legs, fingers and toes. Check. Then measured blood flow and heart rate etc.

Too early to tell the sex.

It finished up and she burnt us a copy of the DVD.

So now I bet you all want to see the picture right?

Ok, here you go. Here is our little jelly bean.

20140911_114313_resized copy

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