12 Weeks (new due date)

After our scan we found out that we were not 13 weeks pregnant, we were 11. Which is fine, but it means that I have to redo my 12 week post.

So here goes.

My symptoms have definitely changed in the last week and a bit.

I would say the nausea is almost completely gone, except for the odd queazy moment.

My appetite has changed a fair bit. Instead of being starving all day long I am starving in the morning until about 4pm. After I have something at 4 I really am not fussed with eating for the rest of the night. This is probably a good thing though because eating late before bed is not really very good for you. It does mean I wake up very hungry though.

Cravings have died down. I mainly feel like toasted sandwiches. Which is ok but not the healthiest. I was eating a lot of salad in the last week but that has changed this week.

I have a lot of heartburn, reflux and indigestion which sucks, but I prefer it to the nausea.

A couple of weeks ago I felt a flutter, and was sure it was the baby, but I have not really felt anything since so I think it was all in my mind. I hope to start feeling jelly bean in about a month- 16 weeks. But I hear it can sometimes take up to 24 weeks!

I am still exhausted most days. Going to bed around 8:30 or 9pm.

I decided to drink a bit less water because I was going to the toilet 3 plus times in the night, and since then i am down to once a night.

Hubby has noticed a change in my mood. I seem to be a lot moodier and “sooky” as he calls it.

I just say “I can’t help it, there is a baby sucking the life from inside me”

He usually laughs at me and then gives me a big hug.

The other big thing thats happening in our lives at the moment is our bathroom renovation. Over the weekend my in-laws, Dad, and hubby all helped to demo the bathroom and re-build the new frame. It is so exciting to see the difference in the space. The old bathroom and toilet were so small. We have knocked out a couple of walls and are making one big family bathroom with a big bath, big shower, new toilet, vanity etc.

The plumbers are here as we speak. Working hard.

I have worked super hard to pay for it all and it is nice to see a concept come to life so quickly.



My new due date is 31st March 2015.

Tomorrow I will be 12 weeks pregnant.


4 thoughts on “12 Weeks (new due date)

  1. Aw it’s great that your sickness has eased. My midwife told me she suffered with it up until the day of the birth on both her children, so it was a relief when that all calmed down. Been using bicarbonate of soda in water to help with my reflux, oh the fun a varied symptoms of pregnancy :).

    The thing I keep reminding myself about dating scans is, at the next one, your baby’s growth could have sped up slightly and they’ll measure up as a little older than you think, or maybe they won’t and they’ll seem younger. Just as well since about 5% of babies actually turn up on time.

    1. Thankyou for your comment 🙂 I’ll definitely try the bicarb for my reflux. Its exciting to know that by the next scan they will have grown and changed so much. It still the beginning of this crazy journey but already its changed me. Can’t wait to meet my little one.

  2. So fun that we are March baby buddies!! I will really look forward to reading your journey alongside mine and comparing symptoms 🙂 Congratulations on your little one!

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