11 weeks pregnant

There is something brewing. I have awoken something in my family that is completely new.
I am the first of my siblings to have a baby and I seem to have brought out something in my parents that they have been waiting to show. I kind of excitement and joy that i have never seen before.
My mum is already sending me quotes about being a grandmother and pictures of Moses baskets and cots.
My mother in law has already started knitting the baby things to keep it warm.
Im excited but i think its different for me because i feel so sick and tired all the time. I can’t wait to hear the baby or see it. There is something about the confirmation of your hopes and dreams that gets in the way of the joy and excitement.
I also think I’m nervous for the scan to find something wrong with our jelly bean. I hope it’s all fine but you never know.
Food cravings this week are choc-mint hot chocolates and bread. Not exactly the healthiest.
Going to the doctors in Monday for appointment and scan referral. I’ll be closer to 12 weeks then.


One thought on “11 weeks pregnant

  1. Sorry for the tummy upsets… Jelly Bean means no harm! 🙂 Try to stay calm… and nothing wrong with a little carb munch when you’re feelng off. Better some calories than none when you’re body building! xx MH

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