Oh hello hormones

Today was not a good day.

The last couple of nights Stu and I have been out late and as a result I have not gotten to bed before midnight. Pre-pregnant me wouldn’t have had any issue with this. But now…oh how times have changed.

I woke up this morning feeling like I had been hit by a bus.

I had the usual nausea and starvation feelings which have come to be so familiar the last couple of weeks. But there was something new.

Oh hey there hormones.

I just felt so overwhelmed that I couldnt hold back the tears. And once they started it was hard to stop.

So I got ready for work and didnt bother with makeup. I wore my glasses so hide my puffy eyes and off I went.

A bit of background info: I work at a coffee shop in a busy department store. The store seems to attract an unhealthy amount of pregnant women, newborn babies, and adorable toddlers.

I think I was emotional due to the combination of being overtired and nauseas mixed with a sudden rush of hormones AND babies and mums everywhere. The result. A blubbering mess.

I hate the fact that I am going through all this more or less alone because I havnt told anyone at work im pregnant. (I’m waiting for my scan at 10 weeks). It makes me look like an annoying, complaining wimp. And I hate lying about why im sick. There’s only so many times in a week you can use the “Maybe I ate something bad” line.

Anyway. Im home now and I’ve had a shower and im in my comfies. And I have a super supportive hubby who offered to be my slave tomorrow. Bless him.

Lets hope tomorrows better.

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