Who am I?


My name is Lucy. I am 24 and I live in Melbourne, Australia with my adorable husband Stuart.

I am one of 4 kids…(middle child)

I have always been a romantic, a dreamer, and kind of impatient…ok VERY impatient.

I went to an all girls Catholic high school.

My parents were quite strict growing up, but now we are older they have softened quite a bit.

I did not get along with my mum as a teenager and did not feel as though I was able to talk to her about what I was feeling and how I was developing sexually. This was a main reason for my rebellion, most of which included sneaking off to meet boys in the middle of the night.

This phase quickly passed when I turned 18 and about a year later I started dating Stuart, and we have been together ever since.


I was always the one my friends would come to with their problems. Always the one to mother them and reassure them of their insecurities.  I think this is why I have always known what I wanted to be in life. A mother.

Unfortunately the people around me did not see things as I did and assured me that my wishes were only “cluckyness” and that I should strive for a career outside of the home.

So, off I went to university straight out of high school, and completed a Bachelor of Visual art, majoring in Printmaking.

During my time at university I was falling deeper and deeper in love with Stuart and after 2 years of dating, he popped the question, and I said yes of course! And the planning began!


After my graduate exhibition I was asked to be in another group show of artists from around Australia and without a moment of hesitation, I accepted. This was an exciting time for me as I was receiving recognition as a legitimate artist, and about to tie the knot!

My wedding day came and went. And it truly was perfect despite SO many things going wrong. We still have people comment on how it was the best wedding they have ever been to. We believe this is not because of the food or decorations, but because we all had so much fun. The energy and love in the room was immeasurable.




Fast forward a couple of months and we found ourselves sitting in front of a mortgage broker signing a loan for a house.


It truly is amazing what the universe brings you when you are open and positive.

Fast forward another year and a bit, we were busy planning a bathroom renovation when some pretty crappy morning sickness kicked in. Three positive tests later we found out we were expecting.

Its still a bit of a blur really but honestly, the moment Stu entered my life, things have only gotten better and better.

On the 19 March 2015 we had our gorgeous baby boy. We named him Max and he is perfect.


Join me while I learn what it means to be a mother and a housewife.


5 thoughts on “Who am I?

    1. Thank you so much for your well wishes. It is a very exciting time for me. Can not wait to become a mumma and share everything I will learn with you! Thankyou for following! 🙂

  1. Well look at you, gorgeous little momma to be! What a beautiful start to your family life, and a lovely about page. Plus, it is a big bonus to meet a fellow “mother hen” type – I drive people crazy with my clucking as well. But they love me, really… haha! I appreciate you dropping in and visiting my blog, and especially your follow! I never take such things for granted – you are very,very welcome to share a cuppa tea with me any time! I look forward to following you and keeping up with the adventures of your new family. Congrats on your baby, hubby and lovely little home – It is so wonderful to meet you! Mother Hen

    1. Oh what a lovely comment! Its so nice to hear 🙂 I feel like I’m only at the beginning of this long and amazing journey. I look forward to sharing it with you through this blog. I simply can’t wait to be a mother hen! Only 1.5 weeks until my first scan 🙂

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